Getting started!

Prefer a video quickstart guide? here it is.
If you have download errors or detection problems read this.

Download VSO Downloader, install and run it after installation. An animated green radar will appear in the upper right hand side of the interface indicates the software is ready to detect media.  Should it be red, click on to activate the streaming monitoring.  

Navigate with any internet browser to the page with the video or audio you want to download. Play the streaming file (in the case it doesn't start playing automatically) and as soon as the media (audio or video) is detected it will appear in VSO Downloader and the download will begin. If the streaming monitoring cannot be activated (get the radar to be green) or no streaming content is being detected read this.

A balloon hint will show display each time a media is detected in the tray (bottom right of screen).
In the case you want to browse the internet but do not want files to be detected by VSO Downloader click on the radar to stop the automatic detection, it will turn red and the animation will stop.  If you want all files to be detected but only download certain ones or on your command, see the Detection settings.

Let's take YouTube. You should see something like this:

vso downloader main downloading

Different options are available if you do a right click on the file:
  • You can start/resumepause, stop (if still in progress).  If you have had a download error, you can click on restart download and the download will start again from scratch. 
  • Then, if you want to rename the file, just press F2 after clicking on the file in the main window or right click it and select "Rename".  When renaming, forget about the extension, just name your file and press enter: the extension will apply right away.
  • Add in list option allows you to either add the item to the ads, ignored extensions or secure streams list. See below for more details about those different lists.
  • You can also select View log file to open the log file specific to this download.
  • Once a download is complete you can click on Add subtitle. It will redirect you to our Video Converter if installed or will ask you if you want to download it if not.

vso downloader right click

Once the file is successfully downloaded, you can either play it with the default media player on your PC or play with VSO Media Player (freeware). 
Open the output folder will open the folder where your downloads are stored. The output folder is indicated and can be changed in Options > Download Output folder.

If you want to get a clearer view of your download list and keep the completed files in the output folder right click on the file(s) and press "Delete". A pop-up will ask if you also want to delete the output file(s). Leave it unchecked (by default) and select "OK".
For a total deletion, check the box "and delete file(s) in output folder" after pressing "Delete".
Note that you can select several files: keep pressing the mouse left button and drag over the files you want to select.

The manage list button allows you to apply those functions to all the items listed in the interface. 

Convert your videos

If you plan to convert several videos to one specific format, select a conversion profile right after opening the program. Next detected files will automatically be converted to that format once downloaded.
You can also convert videos individually: click on a video in the interface, then select a profile. The video will be converted once downloaded.

downloader conversion profiles

The conversion profiles offered are: 
Audio MP3 (the audio will be extracted from the video if needed), FLAC, M4A
Generic video (AVI, MP4)
Apple format (iPod, iPad, iPhone)
Mobile phone (generic format)
DVD (will open a third-party paying conversion program, ConvertXtoDVD)

More formats are available in ConvertXtoVideo, our all-in-one conversion tool. Try it out!

Note: All the video conversions will have a watermark in the output, because they are paid options, available in the Ultimate version.
The audio MP3 conversion is free, except for the High and Best level quality, also available in the Ultimate version.

Make sure you have selected the option "keep source file after conversion" if you want to keep both the original and the conversion.
You can set the speed of the conversion by going to Options > Conversion and selecting the priority, from Idle to Time critical.


Click on "Options". Here are displayed different categories as below:

vso downloader settings overview

  • General

"Notify events with balloon hints in tray": You will get a balloon hint each time a download is starting or complete.

vso downloader balloon hint

  • Network

Your network adapter will be detected at first start of VSO downloader. If you connect to a VPN while the Downloader is running, you must proceed with the detection again. Press "Auto detect", your new network adapter will be found.

  • Ports monitoring

Here are listed the different ports through data is transferred. The downloader will detect port forwarding if a proxy is activated and will add the port in the list automatically.

  • Detection

Auto download: Check the box if you want to download media as soon as it is detected. If you untick the box, the program will detect any streaming content but will not begin to download. You will have to right click the item and select 'Start' to begin the download.

Minimum detection file size: Below the selected size, a file will not be detected. Be careful not to set the value too low, lots of ads or unwanted contents may be detected. There is no absolute value so you must judge by yourself to adjust it to the best suited size.

Tips for downloading in high definition (HD): Just click on the quality you want in the video player (e.g. YouTube's - 720p), the Downloader will retrieve the selected quality straight away while live recording.

  • Ad Blocker

All content coming from these websites will not be detected or downloaded. Note that contrary to AdBlock Plus, VSO Downloader will not hide web ads, so no blank or empty spaces here. Ads will show in your browser but are ignored in the downloader.
Beware: Currently we only support simple input method: symbols like *, # or $ will be ignored in the list. Stick to the basic thing, for instance: or or

  • Filters

Checked file types will be detected. Here you can choose files you want the downloader to detect. Each format is associated with a mime and an extension.

  • Ignored extension

Extensions listed will not be detected or downloaded by the downloader. You can add any extension by clicking on 'Add' on the right. 

  • Secure stream

Streaming content hosted on listed websites will not be downloaded but recorded. This is the only way for the Downloader to retrieve the video/audio files as the host server is using anti-leech measures that prevent from downloading. 
You can add hosts to the list but do it at your own risk: this is an advanced feature that may not be compatible with some websites. Press reset to default if you meet any problem after adding new hosts.

  • Download

Here you can choose your output folder. By default, the path is "C:/Users/[your_username]/Documents/VSO Downloader"

  • Accelerator

vso downloader accelerator
Note: Values may be limited by the file hoster

You can set the max number of simultaneous downloads. This is limited to 10. 

This part is a bit more tricky: 

In order to improve download speed, files are split into multi custom parts. A smaller size boosts speed but increases CPU usage. 

 During the download the file will be split into chunks named "threads". The higher the value, the faster the download will be. But it will consume more CPU resources.

 Memory amount allocated before file writing to disk begins. (Higher value will reduce file fragmentation and hard disk writing)

  • Retry

vso downloader retry

 This is the number of maximum attempts at restarting the download after an error occurred.

The download will restart after this period of time. 

Determine how long a file hoster can be unresponsive before displaying a socket timeout error.


If your run into any problem, click on the "Help" tab:

vso downloader help

The online help will lead you to our different video guides and tutorials, as well as our forum and website for any additional info or troubleshooting.
Press "detect my first video now" to see how the Downloader behaves when detecting a streaming video. It will redirect you to a sample video hosted on our website just to show you how it works.

Click on "Report a bug" if you've run into a technical issue. By filling in the form we will receive all the info we need about the software to help you.

Opening the main log will give you info on the program behaviour and actions.

If you want to make sure you have the latest version available, click on "Check for updates".

You have purchased the product? Press "Enter license key" to register your Ultimate version.

The "About" option gives info on the version number, license, copyright and gives credits to third party parts used in the application.